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  • Industrial solid waste Industrial solid waste
    Industrial Solid Waste: Providing Outsourcing Service for Industrial Solid Waste Disposal for Enterprises While gaining economic ... + more
  • Domestic garbage Domestic garbage
    Domestic garbage: To provide the government with outsourcing services for domestic garbage disposal... + more
  • Intelligent classification of garb Intelligent classification of garbage
    The three-dimensional combination of garbage source classification, transit and end-treatment chains is carried out... + more
  • Comprehensive treatment and recycl Comprehensive treatment and recycling
    Waste is a renewable resource, if it can be effectively integrated and utilized, it can create huge economic benefits. + more
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The company has brought together a group of experts with experience in R&D in professional fields as well as young and outstanding talents. It has constructed an international team with reasonable age structure, scientific knowledge structure, outstanding research ability, excellent management ability and strong market development awareness. Broadening the international perspective and absorbing the ... + more
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